Chris andMaureen Moran, Rockaway, NJ

" We chose Ed to sell our home because he is a professional with a construction background, is easy to talk to, and because he listens to you and works with you to make a solid plan. We had a smaller, older home on a busy roadway and he helped us sell quickly and for a good price. Ed's contractor background is invaluable and we highly recommend him."

John Conradi, Morris Plains, NJ

"Ed sold our house in two weeks. His research and due diligenge were key in pricing the property above our expectations. Trying to sell a property while living in another state can be frustrating, but not when you have a professional like Ed working with you. He is committed to achieving results for his clients, and I highly recommendhim."

Carl & Danielle Cascone, Boonton, NJ

"There are many family members and friends that I have as Realtors. I did not know Ed before, but chose him over my friends because of his vast knowledge from his time as a contractor. His tips for house maintenance were invaluable. Ed was very diligent and made me, an inexperienced home buyer, very confident. The experience was very smooth and he got us through the purchase of this wonderful house."

Jean & Mike Knapp, Morristown

"Working with Ed was such a pleasant experience. We picked Ed for his 40 years of residential construction experience and vast knowledge of the Morris County area. We really appreciated his insight during house tours because he would point out potential problem area or highlight areas the owner took great care of. He always listened to our opinions and what we were looking for. With his years of experience, he could easily spot a good home a mile away.
When we finally put an offer in on a house, Ed guided us through the whole process and we were amazed at how smoothly everything went. He was super accessible and always available via phone call or text to answer questions. Any questions we had to the seller, he quickly sent over and got a response. We could not have asked for a better agent during this overwhelming, but exciting experience."

Joy & Joe Yeager

"We recently relocated from PA to NJ and had the pleasure of working with Ed Hauschild at Berkshire Hathaway. Ed was great to work with and walked us through the process, as the steps in PA compared to NJ are quite different. He set us up with email notifications for houses that met our criteria. Considering we were over an hour and a half away, Ed took the initiative to preview houses that we were interested in so that we didn’t have to make the journey unless it was a solid match. He took us out on several house hunting trips and his previous experience as a contractor was an added bonus, as he was able to spot issues and benefits in the constructions of the home. He served as an intermediary between us and the buyers of the house we ultimately purchased and was an asset to have on our side. I would highly recommend Ed and would be happy to use him for any future purchases."

David and Maggie East, Morris Twp. NJ

We were very happy working with Ed, he knows the area very well and always took us around through side streets, avoiding highways which really helped us learn some of the best ways to get around the area. One of the most valuable aspects of working with Ed was in his previous career he was a contractor, so he was always pointing out good or poor quality workmanship on renovations as we walked through homes, he also is very well connected and has put us in touch with honest, trustworthy service providers we can use on our new home; very important to us who are new to the area. Ed went above and beyond working with the inspectors and real estate attorney helping us get to a close date faster, from offer to close date was 35 days. I highly recommend working with Ed as your real estate agent for his knowledge, friendliness and many useful connections.

Phil and Leann Leibowitz, Randolph, NJ

I do have a decent grasp of what a good representative can achieve for a customer.

There is the matter of expertise, product knowledge, and detail-oriented coverage, for all of which

Edward Hauschild amply demonstrated his expertise. What stood out to me and my wife was the

sheer patience and calm he brought to the process. We started to talk nearly one year ago, and he was very

instrumental in guiding us through the process of preparing our property for sale, as after 30 years

of ownership, there were details we took for granted but which he was aware would deter potential

buyers. As we slowly worked our way through this process, he was endlessly patient, and we never

felt the pressure to ‘get on with it,’ which many sales reps can be prone to. In fact, when the

COVID-19 crisis hit New Jersey especially hard, he did put a temporary ‘hold’ on our plans to

begin showing the property until the Real Estate Industry developed protocols for safely showing

properties to the public. When the ‘coast was clear’ we were ready to show. In the interim, he had

recommended a number of repair people, such as carpenters, painters, handymen, electricians, and

such, and all met their goals on time and at very affordable prices. He also let us know when a

perceived issue needed to be addressed, and when it did not. At the step of signing a sales contract,

he recommended an outstanding lawyer for the closing, which went flawlessly.

At no time were we feeling undue pressure, and at times when we were feeling overwhelmed with the

process, Ed was instrumental in calming us down and gently guiding us forward.

We simply could not have completed the process without his expertise and gentle hand.

Dan & Angela Martin, Morristown, NJ

If you are seeking a realtor, stop, and go with Ed Hauschild.
As a former builder and owner, he is a walking encyclopedia on homes and the industry.
· He has an eye for details to increase the value of your property at little to no cost.
· He uses innovative digital technology to bring out the beauty of your home.
· He acts as the owner, which means he works to maximize your profit.
What I liked the most about Ed is that he has a positive attitude and works diligently on solutions when others give up.
Mr. Hauschild is the first agent I have ever endorsed in 30 years. He earned it. I consider him as a compassionate friend that watched over our property when we moved and kept it in showroom-readiness. He sold our home in about 30 days. But, our closing was total madness. Ed kept all parties together when we had to work through enormous bureaucracy, something that none of us had ever experienced, including Ed. Yet, he kept his composer and got us through by calling departments, agencies, etc. It took longer at no fault of his, the seller or buyer. I truly believe other agents would have walked away. It’s refreshing to know there are people who honor their commitments – Ed is one of the few.